They’ve forgotten her, you know. They’ve made her into some kind of a symbol and forgotten that she was a human being, as real as you reading this, with hopes and dreams and blah, blah, blah. Useless to tell you that now, I suppose. Nothing can change her back now from something made out of newsprint into a person. But she was, and she hurt. More than any of us probably knew, she hurt.

—Stephen King, Carrie

Carrie (2013)

Anonymous said: I cant believe they killed off Sue Snell on The Rage

I know. How lame.

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No, mama. They’re bad people, but not Tommy. He’s good, you’ll like him, he’s a very nice boy.


Gustave Moreau - Study for Lady Macbeth (1851)
Brian De Palma - Carrie (1976)

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